Invatech is a progressive and innovative company that is passionate about improving patient outcomes. We have close relationships with academic institutions and researchers to ensure that our product development is based on identified and proven needs.

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What are pharmacists perceptions of their existing PMR systems?

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Cardiff University’s REMEDY research demonstrates that Invatech’s technology facilitates the safe delegation of medicines administration from nurses to carers in nursing homes

Researchers from Cardiff University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences evaluated a project where nurses used Invatech Health’s electronic medicines management system, the Proactive Care System (PCS), to delegate medicines management activities to trained carers.

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Invatech's technology facilitates major research study into the overprescribing of antipsychotic medications in care homes

A major study uses Invatech's PCS system to assess whether prescribing patterns of antipsychotic medication to dementia sufferers in care homes has changed in lined with 2009 government recommendations

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Study concludes that Invatech's ground-breaking technology virtually eradicates medicines management errors in care homes

Invatech's Proactive Care System (PCS) significantly improves the medicines management processes at the care homes in which it has been implemented

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