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Will 2022 be the Year Of The Independent

Tariq Muhammad considers the opportunities the lie ahead for independents pharmacies

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Will Pharmacy AI unite or divide the Profession?

Tariq Muhammad discusses how AI can be used in practice as a force for delivering change

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Clinical Pharmacy Systems for the Future

Tariq Muhammad discusses how pharmacy needs effective clinical management systems to manage new roles

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Changing the Game and Competing on Your Terms

Tariq Muhammad discusses how community pharmacy defends itself against Amazon

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Can Pharmacy Become Independent of GPs?

Tariq Muhammad discusses the Pharmacist-GP relationship and considers how the profession can move forward independently

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The Future of Repeat Ordering

We look at the ways pharmacists help patients managing their repeat prescriptions.

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The End of Pharmacist Final Checks

We explain how Titan is spelling the end of the traditional Final Check in a pharmacy

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Building A Scalable Online Pharmacy Business

Tariq Muhammad explains what pharmacy businesses need to consider if they are thinking about moving into the online space

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Paperless Pharmacy Dream Now A Reality

Tariq Muhammad explains how community pharmacy is now able to demonstrate a paperless environment

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Is there a purpose for barcodes after FMD

Tariq Muhammad explains how the 2D barcodes as a legacy of FMD can help drive improvements in the dispensing process

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Is Pharmacy Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Tariq Muhammad discusses how Artificial Intelligence could ultimately free up the pharmacist from involvement in the dispensary

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Getting Your Head In The Cloud

Tariq Muhammad discusses how cloud technology will shape the future of pharmacy services and give rise to new models.

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The Future of Care Home Services with EMAR

Tariq Muhammad examines how pharmacists can develop a more meaningful service for care homes with the use of EMAR

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Get A Grip On Pharmacy Finances

Tariq Muhammad explains how can pharmacy owners improve the financial visibility in their business

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Rebuilding The Foundation Of Pharmacy

Tariq Muhammad considers how the central function of pharmacy dispensing needs an overhaul before we launch into new services

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New Norm Will Have Technology At Its Core

Tariq Muhammad explains how can pharmacy businesses adapt to the changing post pandemic world

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Titan PMR Steals the Pharmacy Show

Titan PMR steals the 2-day Pharmacy Show with the phenomenal interest surrounding it from start to finish.

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