Our approach

We are passionate about enhancing the role of pharmacy in healthcare. Our mission is to develop innovative technology and software to improve medicines management, now and in the future.

Our approach to product development

At Invatech, we believe in building the best software solutions. Solutions that are fit for purpose and deliver real benefits to our end users. Before we develop our systems, we focus significant time on understanding our customers’ challenges. We put ourselves in their shoes. Many members of our team have worked in pharmacies, run businesses and sat on the boards of large corporate organisations. This deep-routed experience of the sectors we operate in has informed us about the technology we develop and what it needs to do.

Throughout the development lifecycle, we employ a highly skilled team of designers, developers, testers and project managers, and we adopt an agile approach to our product development. We use the latest coding techniques, as are used by the leading software houses, and we use test-driven practices. We build our systems on reputable and resilient platforms with enterprise architecture to ensure significant scalability and successful deployment.

Once our systems have been created, our customer experience experts work to develop a learning journey and a library of resources to help our end users get the most out of our systems. We operate feedback forums and gather information on how our products are used so that we can continue adapting, perfecting and excelling in everything we do.

Our commitment to data security

Excellence in information governance is at the heart of what we do. We have a legal and ethical responsibility to handle confidential and sensitive information carefully and securely, and we are fully committed to doing that in a way that maximises its utility while preventing unauthorised or inappropriate use or disclosure. We are respectful of the nature of the data we work with, where it comes from and what it means for individuals and organisations. We are certified to the following standards:

  • ISO27001:2022 Information Security
  • CyberEssentials

The Invatech team has significant experience of handling confidential patient-level NHS data and operates under a range of UK and European laws, associated codes of practice and international standards. We adhere to the requirements set out by the NHS Information Governance Toolkit, the GDPR, and we are ISO 27001 certified. We are also accredited by NHS Digital for the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in England. Taken together, these provide us with a robust governance framework for information management. We have a range of privacy-enhancing technologies, physical security measures, data agreements, contracts of employment and audit measures in place.

Invatech provides this privacy policy which informs you how your personal data will be processed and the purposes for which the data has been collected.

Our commitment to quality and safety

Invatech’s mission is to improve patient outcomes, reduce NHS costs and enhance the way healthcare professionals deliver care. This can only be achieved if its systems are designed with quality and safety in mind, and deployed in a way that poses no clinical risk to patients. In recognition of the fact that the introduction and use of any new IT system in healthcare could potentially introduce new clinical risks, Invatech has established a Clinical Safety Management System in line with the nationally-recognised standard promoted by NHS Digital:

• DCB 0129 (clinical risk management in the development and maintenance of health IT systems).

The overall responsibility for monitoring and directing the quality of Invatech’s activities lies with its Quality Safety and Assurance Board (QSAB). This board is made up of senior physicians and pharmacists as well as Invatech’s Clinical Safety Officer (CSO). The QSAB meets monthly and reviews reports from Invatech’s Clinical Safety Management System and takes action, where needed. In this way, we can ensure that we meet the highest levels of quality and safety set by NHS Digital.

Our commitment to research

Invatech prides itself on being an evidence-based provider of medicines management technology. 

Invatech has a strategic partnership with Cardiff University where it jointly funds a PhD student and supervises final year MPharm research projects. Through Innovate UK, a knowledge transfer partnership is being established with Cardiff University to apply artificial intelligence methods to the vast dataset that is being generated from our systems.

We use research for the following:

• To evidence the safety and quality of our products and to back up our claims (for example, this independent evaluation by Cardiff University found that our medicines management system eradicates 21 out of 23 common errors in care homes).

• To evaluate and cost changes in practice and to make a business case for our products (for example, data from our medicines management system was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the antipsychotic prescribing policies in England).

• To determine the needs of our customers and subsequently inform our product development.

• To explore new markets. We are establishing a knowledge transfer partnership with Cardiff University and Innovate UK to apply artificial intelligence to the data generated from our systems.

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