The key people at Invatech - what makes them tick?

Tariq Muhammad, CEO of Invatech

Tariq started out as a self-employed pharmacist and went on to set up Pharmacy Plus, an exciting company that had acquired 25 pharmacies across the South West by 2002 and which developed into a new brand of service-led pharmacies allowing pharmacists to play a significant in medicine management and health outcomes. Whilst at Pharmacy Plus, Tariq oversaw the development of the Proactive Care System (now called ATLAS), the first electronic barcoding system for medication designed to achieve safety at the point of administration by nurses in care homes. Having acquired the Intellectual Property Rights for PCS, he set up Invatech Health, a technology company that is innovating in pharmacy and related sectors. Tariq continued the development of the eMAR products under the brand of ATLAS. This eMAR family of products continues to be the market leader in electronic medicine management systems.

Some key achievements:

  • Created one of the first hub and spoke pharmacy models in UK (Pharmacy Plus).
  • Was the first to introduce the concept of electronic medicines administration in the UK.
  • Pioneered a revolutionary concept of remote supervision allowing a pharmacist to managed medicines supply off-site.
  • Challenged the pharmacy profession to think differently about its work processes and contributed to changes in legislation.

And Tariq has no intention of stopping there…

What’s so exciting about Invatech from your perspective?

I am proud to lead a highly skilled team of individuals who, like myself, passionately believe in the role that pharmacy has to play in delivering healthcare services to patients. Our shared vision to make a difference to patient care by equipping pharmacists with better technology, propels us relentlessly towards our goal. The speed, agility and creativeness under which we develop solutions and solve problems make Invatech a thoroughly enjoyable environments to work in. As our products come to fruition and deliver on our objectives, we look forward to helping pharmacists not only change the way they operate, but also change the way they are perceived.

Clive Bowman, Chairman

After a career as a consultant physician and gerontologist, and then as part of Bupa’s senior team that oversaw significant growth and diversification initially in the UK but then internationally, Clive is now visiting Professor at the School of Health Sciences (City, University of London) and continues to support research principally around care homes and healthcare. Because of his extensive experience in health, care and business operations, he is able to provide support to Invatech’s executive, whilst challenging the board and asking all the right questions.

What’s so exciting about Invatech from your perspective?

“Invatech is transforming medicine management and enhancing the role and reach of community pharmacists in respect of making medicines and their usage safer and more efficient. What’s great about Invatech is that it’s a real of hub of ideas, but these ideas are borne from a solid research base through Invatech’s research partnerships. Invatech isn’t about innovation for the sake of innovation. Every concept that Invatech develops is rigorously tested and only comes to fruition if it’s beyond doubt that the solution is needed, and that patients’ health outcomes will ultimately be improved.”

Jeff Shelley, Chief Information Officer

Jeff was the Head of IT at Pharmacy Plus before moving with Tariq to Invatech Health, so he has a significant amount of experience in healthcare IT. He was heavily involved in the design and build of Invatech’s ATLAS product, the first electronic medication management system for care homes.

What’s so exciting about Invatech from your perspective?

“Invatech is all about ideas and solutions to difficult problems, and I feel passionately that the current systems in pharmacy and related sectors are not fit for purpose. We are working hard to overcome this by developing technology that will make a real difference to efficiency in business operations, and improve the lives of people who are receiving pharmacy services. I feel fortunate to be involved in this exciting and worthwhile venture.”

Martin Vincent, Chief Financial Officer

Martin is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and has over 30 years’ experience of working directly in the pharmacy and IT sectors. Martin’s connection to Tariq goes back to the days of Pharmacy Plus when Martin helped Tariq re-engineer his pharmacy chain and prescription collection/delivery operation into a leading provider of technological solutions to care homes.

What’s so exciting about Invatech from your perspective?

“It’s great being part of the Invatech team, which comprises of energetic and dynamic like-minded people. I am fanatical about technology and how it can deliver significant efficiency advantages, and I am passionate about continual change and improving things for the better. These are beliefs I share with each and every member of the Invatech team.”

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