Compatible Hardware for Titan

For Titan to work correctly, it's important to choose compatible hardware. We have thoroughly tested these items below. If you purchase an item not on this list, then they may not work with Titan.

We have found that most items are available via Amazon so we have included links below. However a lot of these items can be purchased from other suppliers.


The main thing when buying a computer is the Windows version. It must be Windows 10 Professional otherwise Titan will not work. It also needs to be up to date with updates, and on a minimum version build 1903. Here is how to check

We also recommend 8GB of RAM as a minimum. We like the Lenovo because it's nice and small, so won't take up much space in your dispensary.


Barcode Scanner

This is really important that you only select compatible scanners. If you purchase a different make or model, it will not work with Titan.

The options we support are:

1. Zebra DS2208 scanner

2. Zebra DS9908 2D scanner

3. Honeywell Genesis 7580G

4. Zebra Symbol DS4608-SR (and the discontinued DS4308-SR)


DS4308-SR (discontinued model)


Label Printer

1. Zebra GK420d

The Zebra GK420d direct thermal label printer is a tried and tested label printer. It is discontinued but still widely available and commonly used throughout community pharmacy. If you have one already then you can reuse it with Titan, and purchase a new one

2. Zebra ZD420

This is the replacement to the GK420d and works well with Titan. You can also purchase a "dispenser peeler module" which really helps avoid constant peeling of the label



Titan was built with touch screen in mind. A lot of screens are designed to support swipe and touch interaction, so we would recommend a touch screen to get the best experience. However, Titan will still work with a regular monitor.

This is the one we prefer - Hannspree Touch

Note: If the screen resolution is too small you might not be able to access all the features of Titan - therefore we recommend 1920 x 1080 screen resolution


A4 Printer / Token Printer

Titan allows you to view the prescription at every stage of the dispensing process. However if you want to print an EPS token (England), or a copy of a scanned prescription, or anything else from Titan, then you will need an A4 printer.

Due to the complexity of EPS token printing and the custom page sizes, the only printers compatible are:

  • Brother HL-L5100DN
  • EPSON Workforce Pro WF-M5299
  • Brother HL-L6400
  • Brother HL-6180DW
  • Brother HL-5380DN

WARNING: If you attempt to use any other make or model of printer not in the list, that printer will not work properly with Titan, and we will be unable to support you with token printing.


Titan Edo

Visit our Devices for more information about the compatible devices for Edo.

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