Pharmacists frustrated with existing PMR systems, research finds

A new research report published by Invatech Health has found significant levels of frustration with existing PMR systems across community pharmacies, with pharmacists giving a Net Promoter Score of -63.


The research project, commissioned by Invatech Health, surveyed over 600 community pharmacies and involved focus groups to gather pharmacists’ views and opinions about their existing PMR systems.


One of the key findings of the research was the Net Promoter Score (NPS) that pharmacists gave their existing PMR systems. NPS score indicates the level of satisfaction with a service or product asking a customer whether they would recommend their system. The NPS score of -63 was a strong indication that the vast majority of users would not recommend their own PMR system.


Other findings of the research revealed that pharmacists are frustrated with long-term contracts, speed of systems, user friendliness and wanted improved technology to help grow their business.


The research has been used by Invatech Health to inform the development of the new Titan PMR system which is unveiled this October at the Pharmacy Show.


Tariq Muhammad, Invatech Health CEO, said “This research has confirmed the critical role that PMR system suppliers have in supporting community pharmacies in running their businesses. There are some important lessons on what pharmacists want from their PMR systems and Invatech Health hopes to deliver on these objectives with the launch of our new Titan PMR”.


Further details of the research can be found in our Research Section.

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