Invatech Appoints New Commercial Director for Titan

Invatech are pleased to announce the appointment of their new Commercial Director, Ryan Jones, to support the business’ strategic growth of the new Titan PMR.

After many years of development and extensive testing by NHS Digital, Titan received full accreditation for the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in August 2019.

With little marketing, Titan has already drawn great interest from the industry. Pharmacy customers have been drawn to Titan’s unique features and proposition. Titan's software not only enables Pharmacists to receive, process and complete prescription more effectively, it provides each pharmacy with the ability enhance its entire business model. Recent years have been challenging for the Pharmacy sector with changing regulations and a reduction in NHS income. Changes have especially been difficult for independent pharmacies. Titan’s software empowers every pharmacy, no matter it’s size, to work more efficiently, remain competitive and build a rewarding business model. Question: Why is the Titan proposition so effective? Answer: Titan’s solution is researched, designed and built by industry experts who themselves owned and operated independent pharmacies.

Recognising a substantial opportunity in the market, Titan have appointed Ryan Jones in the role of Commercial Director. With a substantial commercial background in business growth, sales and marketing, Ryan has been appointed to lead, build and deliver Titan’s commercial model, including its existing Phase 2 Trailblazer program, offering upward of 50 Pharmacies the ability to sign up to Titan’s proposition, benefit from preferential pricing and enjoy a 0% finance program, removing all barriers associated with cost of sale.

“After spending time with the Titan team, meeting a number of clients and visiting Pharmacy sites to witness Titan’s solution in action, I found myself immediately inspired and keen to contribute, helping Invatech and Titan to achieve their ambition. Titan isn’t simply a disruptive software solution, it’s a motivational business tool, empowering the Pharmacy sector to thrive” Ryan explained.

“I am delighted to welcome Ryan to the business and very excited about his appointment. We have long recognised the potential for Titan and the positive impact it can have for pharmacies at this time of significant change. Ryan will bring a new level of experience and expertise to help ensure we deliver a great product which offers value for money for pharmacists”

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