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Read on to find out how Titan is revolutionising pharmacy processes ...

Titan is coming soon to help you if you are...

  • battling to keep track of the various elements of pharmacy workflow due to inefficiencies in your systems;
  • constrained by inflexibility in your current pharmacy system;
  • finding it hard to measure how well your business is performing;
  • paying for pharmacy system features that you don’t use;
  • struggling with governance and compliance (audit trail, data compliance, FMD, drug recalls);
  • not benefiting from innovation that would improve efficiency, profitability and patient outcomes.
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our existing innovations - what pharmacists are saying

“I am delighted that we have had this opportunity to provide a new type of service to our customers. I believe that independent pharmacies can offer services to match those offered by larger chains, and improve patient safety like never before."

Taseen Iqbal, owner of Pleck Pharmacy

“The pharmacy system we have acquired from Invatech is excellent. Patient safety and good health outcomes are at its heart, and the system gives us all the information we need about patients and their care so we can offer the best possible service.”

Sophie Gilchrist Parker, Malpas Pharmacy

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